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In January 2002 Woodlands International College opened its doors to a handful of children with an undertaking to raise the bar in private education.

Building on each new success, and promise we met, we have forged a proud and distinctive legacy, setting the benchmark for excellence in all academic disciplines through an innovative, challenging and closely considered curriculum, tempered with a comprehensive sports timetable, and the opportunity to express creativity in enriching arts and culture activities.

Importantly, children look forward to coming here – it’s a place where lifelong friendships are formed, and personal, unique value systems encouraged. At Woodlands our talented young ambassadors leave admirably equipped to acquit themselves honourably in whichever field of endeavour they choose to pursue.

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Why Us

We understand that choosing the best education provider for a child is one of the most important decisions a parent will be called upon to make. Here’s what makes us special, and why we believe a Woodlands schooling represents the best choice.

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A firm Pre-Primary foundation on which to grow
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A tranquil setting suited for academic excellence
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Individual tuition within the classroom environment
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Engendering an appreciation for our natural environment
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Cultivating mutual respect and courtesy
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Fostering responsibility towards our community
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A framework of firm, yet caring discipline
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Progressive management and highly qualified teachers

Our Mission

To provide for a liberal, balanced education which challenges each pupil to think, question and strive for excellence.

To develop each pupil to their full potential.

Our Directors

Woodlands has always been a family affair. With decades of service and commitment to the community, the school is the culmination of the long-time dream of well-known local personalities and Founding Directors Ronnie and Janet Matthews. The board is augmented by daughters Audrey and Brenda. Together, this dynamic and passionate team combine to ensure that Woodlands remains at the leading edge of global best-practice, providing an academic, cultural and sporting platform that rates among the very best, grounded in traditional family values.

Ronnie Matthews

Ronnie Matthews

Janet Matthews

Janet Matthews

Audrey Matthews

Audrey Matthews

Brenda Sampson

Brenda Sampson

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Grade 000-0

95 Caravelle Street
Impala Park, Boksburg, 1462, South Africa

Tel (until 15h00): 083 281 8938


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Junior College

Grade 1-6

190 Leith Rd, cnr Trichardt Rd
Bartlett AH, Boksburg, 1462, South Africa

Tel (until 15h00): 011 894 5161


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Senior College

Grade 7-12

190 Leith Rd, cnr Trichardt Rd
Bartlett AH, Boksburg, 1462, South Africa

Tel (until 15h00): 011 894 5161


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