The purpose of Eco-Club is for the member students to develop an appreciation for and understanding of the world around them. Particular emphasis has been placed on Woodlands’ own natural environment, namely the wetland. The club began the year with a plunge into the wetland, exploring the plant life as well as the insect life which can be found in our wetland, with students learning about the life cycles of insects. This is where the club members enjoy getting a bit wet and muddy! While rummaging through the wetland the students learn about the different types of vegetation, such as sedges and grasses. As a continuous process, which has almost become automatic with the Eco-Club members, is the picking up of litter. In groups, the Eco-Club participants made rubbings of leaves and bark, and developed their own wetland board game. Much fun was had when we spent the afternoon playing one other’s games.

The students developed their knowledge of South African butterflies when they made their own butterfly using old panty-hose, wire and a liberal splash of paint, and discovered the Monarch Butterfly and its hidden talents. The Eco-Club members were very proud of the butterflies which they displayed at the Afro-Pop Cultural Evening, and also enjoyed doing some building when they constructed a variety of bird feeders using recycled materials.