Public Speaking is a skill that stands all children in good stead for the rest of their lives. Woodlands students are very fortunate in that they are afforded an opportunity to develop the skill of speaking in front of an audience from a very young age. Each year, the Middle College students participate in the Chatterbox Evenings which are hosted by different schools in our area. At these evenings, our students
invariably speak extremely well and do themselves – and the College – proud.

For the past two years, Grade 4 to 6 pupils from Woodlands have participated in the Choral Verse Festival which is held at St Dominic’s School in Boksburg in July. Practising for the festival begins in earnest at the beginning of the second term, as it takes a great deal of commitment, discipline and practice to be able to recite a poem in unison – speaking with “one voice”. At the festival our students have always excelled and learned valuable skills.