Remember the screeching sound of chalk on a blackboard? Remember the dusty, mouldy smell of a textbook? Remember squeezing your legs into a solid two-seater wooden desk? Remember the small round hole (actually an inkwell!) in the desk that everybody shoved their unwanted sandwiches into? Remember the Overhead Transparency Projector which often used to start releasing a noxious burning smell after a while? At Woodlands International College your child need never experience those outmoded relics of the past.

At Woodlands we have been making full use of Smartboards for the past several years. Smartboards are interactive screens using a computer and digital projector to project maps, graphs, videos, or indeed any other illustration. These Smartboards are also interactive in the sense that a pupil can touch and draw on them. This advanced technology has been a welcome addition to the teacher’s pencilbox, facilitating a far more interactive and engaging learning environment, and one that captures and holds the interest and imagination of the students. The powerful medium ensures an enhanced propensity for digesting, processing, and retaining information.

In 2018 Woodlands implemented and rolled out the use of iPads in all classrooms throughout the Middle College (Grade 4 – 6). Comprehensive WiFi coverage has been established via the school’s proprietary server and this has allowed the College to exploit fully the opportunity of using technology such as the iPad on a larger scale. The combination of the ITSI textbooks platform with the iPad and full WiFi has resulted in a fully digital interactive classroom experience. Once the textbooks have been downloaded (at a price far cheaper than their paper counterparts) they remain on the pupil’s iPad and can be used offline at home. During a lesson, the pupil is able to make notes on his “textbook”, highlight passages or keywords, generate summaries, or even generate tests. These notes or highlights can be retained permanently in the “textbook” or simply deleted if required. The teacher has the ability to source additional materials from the Net, such as video clips, movies or other relevant academic materials, and then “drop” them into every pupil’s “textbook”. The teacher is also able to add his or her own worksheets to the textbook and generate assessments directly from the “textbook”, alternatively
create his or her own.

So, no more dusty, mouldy textbooks or burning transparencies at Woodlands College. Ever.