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In 2015 Woodlands International College implemented a progressive initiative to incorporate what was formerly the final year of the Primary College (Grade 7) into the Senior College fold, a departure from traditional convention.

The Senior College accordingly comprises the following Grades:

Junior High – Grade 7-9
Senior High – Grade 10-12

Having carefully assessed the ramifications of this restructuring, the benefits afforded to both the Primary College and the Senior College are significant:

For the Primary College, the Grade 6 students are able to assume the responsibilities and duties of being Prefects earlier than usual, allowing them to explore and develop their leadership talents in preparation for their time in Senior College.

For the Senior College, the Grade 7 students enjoy the benefits of experiencing an additional year in the Senior environment, more fully prepared to make an informed decision about the subject choice election they will be called upon to make at the end of Grade 9 – arguably the most challenging and important decision of their schooling.

An allied advantage is that, with the heightened maturity that follows from an extra year’s exposure to Senior College, students are better equipped to manage the integration with, and transition to, tertiary education – a conventionally difficult move for most students.

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Why Us

We understand that choosing the best education provider for a child is one of the most important decisions a parent will be called upon to make. Here’s what makes us special, and why we believe a Woodlands schooling represents the best choice.

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A firm foundation on which to grow
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A tranquil setting suited for academic excellence
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Individual tuition within the classroom environment
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Engendering an appreciation for our natural environment
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Cultivating mutual respect and courtesy
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Fostering responsibility towards our community
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A framework of firm, yet caring discipline
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Progressive management and highly qualified teachers

Our Mission

To provide for a liberal, balanced education which challenges each pupil to think, question and strive for excellence.

To develop each pupil to their full potential.

Message from the Principal

21st Century schooling has, in recent years, become one of the most topical and contentious spaces affecting people across cultures and continents. The dawning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bringing with it the realities of Artificial Intelligence has disrupted – and will continue to disrupt – schooling as we know it and, some would argue, rightfully so.

At Woodlands International College, we believe in the holistic prosperity of every child. We are purposefully motivated to providing our students with age appropriate learning experiences quintessential to global citizenship. Our truly unique campus setting, on the wetlands of Boksburg, on the East Rand, complements our philosophy of whole-child development, alongside an awareness of our planet, and all who inhabit it.

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