As an independent school, Woodlands International College expects the members of its College student community to live up to the professional standards of excellence associated with educational communities of similar standing.

All parents, guardians, staff members and notably students are urged to thoroughly study this Humanitarian Charter, in conjunction with the Student Code of Conduct, in order to understand what is expected of them. A positive attitude and spirit of co-operation will enable Woodlands International College to function successfully to the benefit of all concerned.


Jacques P Thiroux distinguishes five principles which underpin all ethical theories, and upon which Woodlands leans in defining its Humanitarian Charter:

  • Justice or fairness
  • Value of life
  • Individual freedom
  • Truth telling or honesty
  • Goodness or rightness

These principles are incorporated in the fabric of Woodlands life in that Woodlands International College:

  • Respects the right of every student to be educated in a safe, happy, ordered and productive environment
  • Respects the right of each individual to be treated with dignity and to show mutual respect – synonymous with consideration, good manners and caring
  • Respects the right of each individual to:
    • understand any breach of standards
    • state the circumstances of his or her case
    • appear before and be heard by a Disciplinary Committee
    • appeal to the relevant Principal and/or College Director
  • Respects the inherent integrity of all associated with the College. Dishonesty has no place in the College
  • Respects that punishment be fair, reasonable, appropriate and consistent. The College relies upon a merit/demerit system. The behaviour of students is monitored, with good behaviour being rewarded and unacceptable behaviour being discouraged and censured
  • Respects that other people’s bodies, cultures, backgrounds and belongings will be positively acknowledged and respected