As an independent school, Woodlands International College expects the members of its College student community to live up to the professional standards of excellence associated with educational communities of similar standing.

All parents, guardians, staff members and notably students, are urged to study this Code of Conduct thoroughly in order to understand what is expected of them. A positive attitude and spirit of co-operation will enable Woodlands International College to function successfully to the benefit of all concerned.


Woodlands International College:

  • Respects the right of every student to be educated in a safe, happy, ordered and productive environment
  • Respects the right of each individual to be treated with dignity and to show mutual respect – synonymous with consideration, good manners and caring
  • Respects the right of each individual to:
    • understand any breach of standards
    • state the circumstances of his or her case
    • appear before and be heard by a Disciplinary Committee
    • appeal to the relevant Principal and/or College Director
  • Respects the inherent integrity of all associated with the College. Dishonesty has no place in the College
  • Respects that punishment be fair, reasonable, appropriate and consistent. There is a merit/demerit system. The behaviour of students will be monitored, with good behaviour being rewarded and unacceptable behaviour being censured
  • Respects other people’s bodies, cultures, backgrounds and belongings


There will be an agreement between the teacher in the classroom and the pupils. Each class sets these rules at the beginning of the year. Respect for others demands:

  • Civility
  • Courtesy
  • Acts of kindness
  • Respect for all staff members, support staff, visitors and adults
  • Crude or abusive language, gestures not being acceptable (See Anti-Bullying Policy)


Students must wear the correct full and neat uniform appropriate for the season.


  • Cigarettes; fireworks; matches; chemicals; dangerous toys or weapons; radios; iPods; pornographic material – may not be brought to the College
  • Cell phones – if used during the academic day will be confiscated (See Cell Phone Policy)


  • At Woodlands it is not permissible for any pupil to use drugs, or to bring drugs to school, to sell drugs, or to come to school under the influence of drugs. In order to ensure that Woodlands is maintained as a drug-free environment, strict measures such as suspension or expulsion will be instituted in the case of any breach of the Code of Conduct in this regard
  • For the purposes of the Code of Conduct, drugs are defined as substances which have the potential to be abused, which includes alcohol, tobacco and drugs which can be illegally or illegally obtained


  • Students may not leave the College property during College hours, unless accompanied by a responsible adult or having signed out at reception. No pupil may leave with another adult/stranger, without permission from parents
  • The College cannot be held responsible or liable for the loss, damage or theft of property – do not bring valuables to College
  • We encourage parents to collect or make arrangements for the collection of pupils shortly after College or extramural activities. Pupils may not loiter on the College campus after hours if not involved with College activities


  • Attend all classes (unless excused well in advance) and arrive on time
  • Come to class prepared to learn and to help others with their learning
  • Show respect for others, starting with basic civility and courtesy and extending through acts of kindness
  • Consider the safety, feelings and general needs of others at all times
  • Tell the truth and act truthfully
  • Respect the property of others and that of the College; keep our buildings and campus clean


  • Pupils will show respect for others by greeting them, standing when adults pass and by being helpful
  • Chewing gum is not permitted at any time
  • Swearing, undermining others and obscene language or material is not permitted


    • Neglect of homework is a most serious offence. Work left at home will be considered not done. Zero marks will be awarded for work not handed in on time without excuse. Work missed while absent must be made up as soon as possible
    • If homework cannot be completed because of personal circumstances, a note from a parent is expected, addressed to the Deputy Principal
    • Pupils will line up quietly outside a classroom (where relevant) before a lesson and be invited by the teacher to enter
    • Pupils will wait for the teacher’s greeting before sitting
    • If a teacher or visitor enters a classroom or approaches the pupils seated outside, the pupils will stand and greet the teacher or visitor
    • Pupils are expected to make an active, positive contribution to lessons. Questions will be answered after a hand is raised and acknowledged by the teacher
    • Pupils will move about the classroom on a teacher’s instruction or after the pupil’s request is granted
    • At the end of a lesson, pupils will wait quietly for homework to be given, dress quickly and be dismissed by the teacher
  • Pupils will move quickly and with a due sense of decorum (i.e. dignity and quietness) between classes


  • When a pupil is unable to attend College, a parent or guardian must contact the College reception or email HOD/Homeroom teacher. Please note that if a cycle test has been missed due to absenteeism, it will be written on the day of return
  • When returning to College, the pupil must bring an absentee note from a parent, addressed to the Principal. This should be handed to the Grade teacher and will be attached to the class register
  • A doctor’s certificate is also required when a pupil is absent during part of or all of test or examination days


This system is based on Humanitarian values:

    • Pupils work on a merit and demerit system
    • Points are deducted for transgressions
    • Merits and demerits are recorded on EdAdmin
    • Parents are notified of merits and demerits via email
    • Criteria for merits are as follows (between 1 and 5 points will be awarded):
        • Respect and tolerance toward others
        • Respect for the environment
        • Exceptional manners
        • Perseverance
        • Academic progress
        • Honesty
      • Teacher’s discretion
  • Criteria for demerits are as follows:
      • Minor Infringements (1 point)
          • Homework / tests / reply slips not signed
          • Consistent uniform infringements
        • Punctuality issues
    • Serious Infringements (2 -5 points: Detention at 20 points)
        • Disrespectful behaviour
        • Disruptive behaviour
      • Physical, cyber verbal abuse


It is expected that all College parents will:

  • Seek, in selecting an independent College, an optimal match between the needs of their child, their own expectations and the philosophy and programs of the College
  • Recognise that effective partnerships are characterised by clearly defined responsibilities, a shared commitment to collaboration, open lines of communication, mutual respect and a common vision of the goals to be achieved
  • Respect the College’s responsibility to do what is best for the entire community, while recognising the needs of their individual student
  • Familiarise themselves with and support the College’s policies and procedures
  • Provide a home environment that supports the development of positive learning attitudes and habits that are consistent with those of the College
  • Involve themselves in the life of the College, through volunteerism and other means, to promote the best interests of their student
  • Share with the College any religious, cultural, medical or personal information that the College may need to best serve their child and the College community
  • Seek to resolve problems and secure information through appropriate channels (i.e. teacher/advisor, H.O.D. of College, Deputy Principal, Principal – in that order)
  • Treat everyone with respect and maintain an educational, rather than adversarial tone, in the face of the inevitable conflicts and challenges
  • Ensure that all tuition fees are paid timeously according to stipulation as signed in the College contract. This will avoid unnecessary pressure on both the College and the pupil
  • Commitment to College functions – attendance or support of major events as specified on the calendar, particularly Academic Parent Meetings


  • Pupils may not use tippex in their books
  • Cycle tests: A Cycle test timetable is given to each pupil at the beginning of each term, for the whole term. Parents are expected to sign and return tests once they have been marked. Should a pupil be absent for a test, a doctor’s note must be supplied. The pupil will be required to complete the test on his/her first day back at College


  • We understand the importance of students having the means to contact their family in emergency situations. The main form of communication at this stage is the cellphone
  • The College takes no responsibility for the loss of cellphones/tracker watches
  • The pupil’s cellphone/tracker watch may not be used during the academic day. Phones are collected on a daily basis and locked away for safekeeping until home time. However, if proper permission has been granted by the teacher (permission will only be granted by the teacher if the request/reason is deemed to be an emergency/matter of urgency), the pupil may make use of their cellphone/tracker watch under supervision
  • Pupils are required to hand in their cellphone/tracker watch for safekeeping during the College day
  • For preference – in the case of an emergency pupils should report to the office where they may make use of the College telephone
  • Should any pupil ignore the Policy rule their cellphone/tracker watch will be confiscated. The confiscated cellphone/tracker watch will be placed in an envelope and sent to the office for safekeeping until end of day. The pupil’s name, class and date of confiscation will be clearly written on the envelope. The pupil’s name, date of confiscation, staff member’s name will be filled in on the relevant “Confiscated Cellphone/Tracker Watch” sheet
  • Legally we cannot confiscate a cellphone/tracker watch beyond College hours. If a pupil is caught using a cellphone/tracker watch it may be confiscated, however, the parent must collect it after College
  • Should the cellphone/tracker watch need to be retained for a longer period of time as evidence in a disciplinary situation, the College must phone the parents and inform them that the child is no longer in the possession of the cellphone/tracker watch
  • If the confiscation is a second offence the cellphone/tracker watch will be kept for one month
  • For a further offence the cellphone/tracker watch will be confiscated for one term
  • In all of the above instances the pupil’s cellphone/tracker watch will only be returned to the parent/s or guardian on signing the cellphone/tracker watch form to acknowledge return of the cellphone/tracker watch
  • Any use of cellphones/tracker watches other than in the above circumstances is strictly prohibited


  • The primary purpose of technology systems at Woodlands is to improve/enhance learning and teaching. The guidelines below are meant to help students, teachers, and parents understand appropriate use of technology and resources for this purpose
  • Learning is an ongoing interaction between students, teachers, and parents. Using technological devices within education can help augment the curriculum while allowing students to better learn and comprehend the material. The policies, procedures and information within this document apply to all technological devices used at Woodlands
  • Woodlands has researched both the Digital Textbooks and Educational applications. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that all the required Digital Textbooks and applications are installed on the iPad. Where the Digital Content is owned and supplied by the College, the responsibility lies with the College to inform the students how to download the required material. Should the content be deleted, the onus is on the student to ensure that the content is re-downloaded. The College will offer assistance should there be difficulties with this process


The use of technology, network, and other resources at Woodlands is a privilege, not a right. This Acceptable User Policy is provided to make both students and parents aware of the responsibilities associated with efficient, ethical and lawful use of technology resources. If you violate any of the User Terms and Conditions named in this policy, privileges may be terminated and disciplinary action could be taken.

Students are responsible for:

  • Using all technological devices in a responsible and ethical manner
  • Using all technology resources in an appropriate manner so as to not damage school equipment.
  • This “damage” includes, but is not limited to, the loss of data resulting from delays, nondeliveries, or service interruptions caused by the student’s own negligence, errors or omissions
  • Ensuring that all the digital workbooks and/or textbooks are installed on the iPad. If there is not enough data space on the iPad, students will be required to delete games and/or applications, so as to ensure that the textbooks can be accommodated on the iPad


The Woodlands Network and internet access is a shared resource. Please use it responsibly with our community members in mind. Internet access on campus is monitored and filtered. Our goal is not ultimately to restrict student access, but to educate students about responsible and appropriate use:

  • Students will be responsible for remembering passwords for school accounts
  • Students are not allowed to access the College’s network without the permission of the Network Administrator
  • Permission is granted by way of a Username and Password for each individual student. These details may not be shared and/or passed on to anyone else, whether that person attends Woodlands or not
  • Students are only permitted to access the College Network on one device – the iPad. Accessing of the College Network on a second or third device is an infringement of this policy and may result in Network privileges being revoked


  • Illegal installation or transmission of copyrighted materials
  • Sending, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing offensive, profane, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials
  • Spamming – sending mass or inappropriate emails
  • Gaining access to other student accounts, files, and/or data
  • Vandalism – any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware, software or data, including, but not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses or computer programs that can infiltrate computer systems and/or damage the software components of the school equipment


Learning opportunities At home, parent and child should communicate together about acceptable use of technology for recreation. Consider making a parent-child media agreement at home. This should include the amount of time the child uses on the device, the type of websites visited, and expectations around communication. iPads are not filtered when off campus. There are many monitoring applications but, ultimately, clarifying expectations at home and having an open conversation about responsible use is best.

Email accounts Students should use their Woodlands-provided email account for all school communications. No other email accounts should be configured on your iPad’s mail app. If you need to access personal email on your iPad, please use a browser or another app. This restriction is designed to keep the mail app for class-related communications only. Please do not use email or other electronic communication during class, unless specifically instructed by your teacher.

Copyright The iPad allows easy access to information online. It is important that students remember to do their own work on assignments using material they find from various sources. Students deserve the opportunity to be an author and to respect the work of other authors. Students should cite referenced online sources as instructed by their teacher. Copying other people’s work, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is considered plagiarism and will result in a response from the school. Students must comply with trademark and copyright laws and all license agreements. Ignorance of the law is not immunity. If you are unsure, ask a teacher or parent. Students are not permitted to photograph published books on another student’s iPad. Both parties will be given negative actions for plagiarism.

Social networking sites (eg. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter) Students may not use social networking sites at school.

iTunes You and your family will create an Academic iTunes Account. Your Academic iTunes account is for applications and content related to your school work at Woodlands. We will work in partnership with parents to ensure that students follow this important guideline. We do encourage you to explore new applications that could help you with your learning. If you are not sure about a particular application, ask your teacher or a member of the Tech Department. This account should not have a credit card associated with it. If purchases are necessary, we suggest using iTunes gift voucher cards in low denominations (R50,00). We will send out a communication when this is necessary.

Sound, music, games or apps Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. In this case students are required to supply their own headphones. Music is allowed on the iPad and can be used at the discretion of the teacher. Games are not allowed to be played on the iPads while the student is at College, irrespective of the time of day. Staff are allowed to randomly monitor the applications that are “open” on the students’ devices.

Photo, video, and audio recording iPads are equipped with a camera and microphone, allowing video, image, and audio capture. At no time should a student record anyone (student, teacher, parent, presenter, etc.) without permission from the parties involved. This is considered a serious offense. In addition, you must obtain permission from the parties involved before publishing content. Students need to exercise good judgment when using the iPad camera and microphone.

Content and communication The iPad should be used to access and store appropriate materials only. Students should also be aware of the potential for their communication to be shared and/or misinterpreted. Any use of the iPad that involves inappropriate, unkind or mean behaviour will result in disciplinary consequences. The iPad is also equipped with many Apps and methods to communicate with others. Make sure you think about whether such communications are appropriate both in content and in context. Remember that all online communication is a reflection on the individual. If you wouldn’t write it or say it in front of a parent, teacher or other adult, it is better left unwritten and unsaid. When in doubt, communicate with the person face to face. Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo. The presence of images of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, gang related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary action.

iCloud and Backup Students will have their own iTunes account. This will enable periodic backups to the iCloud. If the iPad breaks or is lost, your data is recoverable. Understand that there is limited space in an iCloud account and you may have to purge data from your iPad occasionally. You may also purchase additional storage on iCloud. Woodlands is not responsible for lost work or backed up data on iCloud.

Insurance We require all parents to purchase iPad insurance before students bring an iPad to school.

Outdoor use iPads will not be allowed to be used during break time. They will be locked away in a teacher’s classroom and collected by a monitor after break.

Carrying and storing All iPads must have a suitable protective cover.

Charging of iPads Students are expected to come into class every day with an adequately charged iPad. Make sure you set up a charging station in your house that will help you easily charge the device and remember to bring it to school the next day. Although there are a few places at school to charge your iPad, there is usually not enough time in the day for a proper charging. The teachers at Woodlands cannot be held responsible for iPads left unattended while charging. Students remain responsible for doing their work, even if the iPad is not charged.


As Peter Parker’s Uncle in Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility!” There are therefore some very important rules about using your iPad at College.

This Acceptable User Agreement 2018 is required to be discussed with your child/ren at home in order for them to understand fully the expectations and limitations with regards to the use of the iPad at Woodlands.

We request that Parents/Guardians initial each point of the addendum after it has been explained to your child/ren. We ask too, that this Addendum then be signed by both the Parents/Guardians and the child/ren to acknowledge understanding and agreement to abide by the contents of the Acceptable User Agreement.

  1. I will allow my parents access to my device so that they can put the necessary Parental Controls in place.
  2. I will not bring my device to College until such time as these Parental Controls are in place.
  3. I agree that my device can be inspected to ensure that these Parental Controls are in place.
  4. I will follow the classroom rules for the device as set up by each class teacher.
  5. I will bring a fully charged device to class every day.
  6. I will handle my device carefully.
  7. I understand that I will not make use of any other Student’s iPad.
  8. I will not violate current school policy or public law in any way using the iPad.
  9. I will not access, upload, download or distribute any offensive, profane, threatening, pornographic, obscene or any other inappropriate materials.
  10. I will not take pictures, video or audio recordings of any staff member or student at any time without their prior consent.
  11. I will not use any pictures, video or audio recordings of any staff member or student so as to portray them in a negative light
  12. I will use my iPad only as an educational tool whilst on school grounds.
  13. I will not download games, or play unapproved games at all during my time at College.
  14. I will delete media, apps, photos, music or games that are inappropriate and/or that impede the ability of the iPad to be used for educational purposes
  15. I will not message, air drop or send anything via these devices that does not haveEducational value and merit.
  16. I will not use the device to copy or plagiarize any other Student’s work.
  17. I understand fully that should I infringe any of these rules pertaining to the device, my privileges to use the device at College will be revoked.

I _______________________________________, accept and agree to the rules set out above with respect to the use of iPads at Woodlands International College.

Signed by Student: ____________________________

Acknowledged by Parent: ______________________ Date: ________________________