At Woodlands International College we believe something very magical happens when you open a book, and that is just what happened during our “Woodlands Unplugged” concert. The concert ran from the 27th of July until the 2nd of August 2018 and with 5 shows in a row, our little performers acted like professionals. Each evening started with a huge amount of excitement and while the performers got ready to go on stage, our parents had the opportunity to view their children’s lovely art, while having boerewors rolls and coffee in the quad. The children captivated the audience with their Harry Potter magic and juicy wiggle moves. Books came alive on stage and some of the imperfections made us realize that these little people had so much courage preforming in front of a full audience. It was a showcase of our children’s amazing talents and one couldn’t believe that they were 9 years old and younger. We managed to have all 260 learners on the stage in an hour show and a final song that gave us all goosebumps, with all the learners and parents in the hall. This show was an enormous team effort from parents and teachers and could not have been so successful without all their hard work.