Class of 2023 Matriculation results were released in mid-January 2024 by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), the body that administers private school assessments. The reported 98.46% pass rate demonstrates a strong showing by private school learners and represents a slight increase on 2022’s already impressive pass rate statistic (98.42%). Presently, two different standards apply, with learners in private and public schools sitting different assessments. 897 775 candidates sat the Department of Basic Education’s examinations, achieving an 82.9% pass rate, and a 40.9% Bachelor’s Degree pass rate.

By contrast, 13 967 Matriculants wrote the IEB assessment, an increase of approximately 10% on last year – and an indication that despite economic challenges, parents see the value in private school education. IEB CEO Confidence Dikgole said that although there were setbacks and difficulties during the pupils’ five-year journey, particularly those caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, overall the group was well-positioned for success.

Woodlands is once again delighted to announce an illustrious performance by its Matriculants – with a 100% pass rate garnered in respect of the 2023 academic year, the College continues to boast this exceptional statistic for each of its 22 years since inception in 2002. Earning a strong 98.3% Bachelor’s Degree pass rate, Woodlands also conclusively outperformed the 88.59% average achieved by all IEB candidates nationally. Priding itself on its small, personalised classes and high teacher-to-student ratio, the College’s Matric group of 58 students delivered an impressive 96 distinctions, and 128 B-symbols, between them.

Four students exceeded the formidable 85% average level: Micaela Rodrigues (90%), who achieved a full-house of seven distinctions (and top-1% of IEB candidates for Business Studies); Ricardo da Costa (89%), also with a full-house of seven distinctions; Malachi Lazarus (87%), with six distinctions; and Thaksheel Jairam (85%), with five distinctions (and top-1% of IEB candidates for Business Studies). A further four students – Muhammed Abed; Tyllan Naicker; Ting Yu (Steven) Lin (top-1% of IEB candidates for Mandarin, Second Additional Language); and Mohammed Saib – vaulted the 80% average level, resulting in an impressive 14% of the total group exceeding this threshold. Alexandra Russell placed in the top-1% of candidates for Tourism, catapulting 7% of Woodlands’ Matriculants into the illustrious top-1% nationally. Apart from these star performers, three students earned four distinctions; six students achieved three; and a further fourteen realised two distinctions each. When combined with single-distinction candidates, some 76% of the group as a whole walked away with at least one distinction.

Woodlands offers a wide and challenging choice of subjects in its FET Phase (Grades 10-12), allowing students to structure a highly tailored suite of disciplines for their all-important Matric year, and to complement their interests and academic strengths. The College has produced Matriculants who have gone on to study such diverse disciplines as Actuarial Science, Aviation, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Optometry, and Veterinary Science, amongst others.

Ever mindful of the shrinking globe, the College strives to prepare its students to take up tertiary studies abroad, should they aspire to do so, and its alumni have progressed to, amongst others, such distinguished institutions as Oxford. Says Senior College Director Audrey Matthews, “Our track record speaks volumes about our success in this strategic global approach to education and underscores Woodlands’ ‘International’ appellation”.

The Directors of Woodlands, together with Senior College Principal Mrs Hazel Bonaretti, extend their hearty congratulations to each and every Matriculant, as well as to the academic and support staff of the Class of 2023. Says Mrs Bonaretti, “To the Class of 2024 I set the challenge to meet and exceed the formidable legacy of your predecessors!”