Gauteng Class of 2018 Matriculation results were released in early January 2019 by the Independent Examination Board (IEB), the body that administers private school assessments. The reported 98.92% pass rate demonstrates a strong showing by private school learners and represents a respectable increase on 2017’s already impressive pass rate statistic (98.76%). Presently, two different standards apply, with learners in public and private schools sitting different assessments, despite the Gauteng MEC motivating for one standardised national assessment. Around 12 000 Matriculants wrote the IEB assessment while approximately 800 000 sat the Department of Basic Education’s examination, with the latter’s results having been published a day after the IEB results.

Woodlands is once again delighted to announce an illustrious performance by its Matriculants – with a 100% pass rate garnered in respect of the 2018 academic year the College continues to boast this exceptional statistic for each of its 16 years since inception in 2002. More impressive yet, however, is the Class of 2018’s 100% university exemption (compared with an overall IEB level of 90.65%). Over the past three years Woodlands has enjoyed an average university exemption rate of 98.66%, with 100% in 2016 and now also in 2018, placing it well ahead of the already formidable IEB national average. “Whilst a high tally of distinctions is naturally gratifying” says Founding Director Ronnie Matthews, “for us the more important result is being able to open up the doors of a tertiary education to every single one of our Matriculants.”

51 of the College’s Matriculants shared a coveted haul of 60 distinctions, with top honours going to the following students who each earned at least four distinctions: Heather Hughes; Sadiyah Ismail; Bridget Marques; and Tyla Theophilus. Shae-Lee Kelly ranked among the top-1% in Mathematical Literacy under the IEB assessment – a remarkable accolade for this brilliant student, and for the College.

Woodlands has produced graduates in such diverse disciplines as Actuarial Science, Aviation, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Optometry, and Veterinary Science.

Ever mindful of the shrinking globe, the College strives to prepare its students to take up tertiary studies abroad, should they aspire to do so, and its alumni have progressed to, amongst others, such distinguished institutions as Oxford. Says Director Audrey Matthews “Our track record speaks volumes about our success in this strategic global approach to education and underscores Woodlands’ ‘International’ appellation”.

The Directors of Woodlands, together with outgoing Senior College Principal Mrs Hilary Robinson, extend their hearty congratulations to each and every Matriculant, as well as to the academic and support staff of the Class of 2018: “I am delighted with my wonderful retirement gift of not only a 100% pass rate but also a 100% Bachelor Degree pass”, says Mrs Robinson, “It really made for my leaving on a high note!”. Incoming Senior College Principal Mr Chris van Niekerk echoes these sentiments and adds: “I will work diligently with all members of my team to maintain this impressive benchmark – to the Class of 2019 I set the challenge to meet and exceed the legacy of your predecessors.”