Woodlands International College was proud to host its first Colour Run and Farmer’s Market on Saturday the 25thof May 2019. The run, was not only a fun event for the students of the College but was an example of the College’s community connection as a portion of the ticket price paid by each runner was donated to one of three deserving charities.

Each division of the College selected a charity to support with their donations. The Pre-primary college chose to support Hanna Charity and Empowerment foundation in support of under privileged children, the Junior College nominated Rottie Rescue South Africa and the Senior College nominated the Boksburg chapter of the SPCA.

The event was a huge success, drawing members of the community, both young and old to browse the market stalls or to take part in the joy of throwing colourful paint at one another.Another particularly popular attraction was our pony ride which was run by Pony Play and featured their incredibly cute pony, to take many young ladies and gentlemen on a pony ride around the field!

Woodlands College would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank every member of the community who had a part to play in making the day such a success and in particular to thank our sponsors for the day Jaguar/Land Rover East Rand, whose cars made excellent backdrops in their exciting photo competition and Jan Jordaan for their generous spirit and support of this event.

A huge congratulations must also go out to the Matthews Family, the directors of Woodlands International College for their foresight and awareness to create such an opportunity for their students to support the rest of their community.

Woodlands is definitely looking forward to a future which is as bright as the paint used in the run as they continue to live up to the school motto “To Rise Above Mediocrity….”