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About Us

Attending pre-school is the first real exercise in which children are separated from the comfort and secure zone of their parents. In order to facilitate this transition, the environment entrusted with their care requires, effectively, to be a place akin to a home away from home for them. To achieve this, we provide a nurturing, happy space with an abundance of interesting and stimulating tools and facilities in order to attract the child and captivate their imagination.

It is in this environment that the child develops and builds self-esteem, learning the significance of his or her own name, items, and friends. The child develops communication skills by interacting with teachers and fellow students. Pre-school is the child’s foundation for a lifetime of self development and progress, and the skills and knowledge acquired here have a formative and lasting impact on the attitude and aptitude of the child in later years.

Research conducted into the impact of pre-school education indicates that children taught at an early age usually have improved social skills, fewer behavioural problems and better grades without the need for special attention. Self confidence gained by learning in a playful manner adds to the personality development of the child, and the positive learning attitude, and basic foundation in language and comprehension help facilitate the child’s advancement in higher phases of their schooling.

Moreover, childhood education specialists claim that young children learn best when they have an opportunity to interact with their peers, and their parents and instructors treat them kindly. They bloom well in a tension free environment and comprehend and learn things better if they are introduced to new things in carefully planned, manageable increments.

Seeking a superlative education provider for your child?

Why Us

We understand that choosing the best education provider for a child is one of the most important decisions a parent will be called upon to make. Here’s what makes us special, and why we believe a Woodlands schooling represents the best choice.

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A firm foundation on which to grow
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A tranquil setting suited for academic excellence
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Individual tuition within the classroom environment
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Engendering an appreciation for our natural environment
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Cultivating mutual respect and courtesy
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Fostering responsibility towards our community
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A framework of firm, yet caring discipline
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Progressive management and highly qualified teachers

Our Mission

To provide for a liberal, balanced education which challenges each pupil to think, question and strive for excellence.

To develop each pupil to their full potential.

Message from the Principal

A child’s education is the most important consideration a parent will face. Knowledge, attitude, beliefs and values form the basis on which to build a strong education and are the fundamentals on which we build and plan our lives. The effects are long term and the consequences far-reaching. Here at Woodlands Pre-Primary we strive for excellence and as our motto professes, we “rise above mediocrity”.

My vision is for Woodlands Pre-Primary to be the school of choice, providing quality education in collaboration with parents, and nurturing children to realise their full potential and dreams within a well-resourced, caring and secure environment...

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Jenny Copeling

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    12 months to Grade 12

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