A child’s education is the most important consideration a parent will face. Knowledge, attitude, beliefs and values form the basis on which to build a strong education and are the fundamentals on which we build and plan our lives. The effects are long term and the consequences far-reaching. Here at Woodlands Pre-Primary we strive for excellence and as our motto professes, we “rise above mediocrity”.

My vision is for Woodlands Pre-Primary to be the school of choice, providing quality education in collaboration with parents, and nurturing children to realise their full potential and dreams within a well-resourced, caring and secure environment thereby creating confident, self-assured individuals.

Our mission is to be an outstanding, independent, eco-friendly professional Early Childhood Development Centre focusing on the holistic development of the 3 – 6 year old child. We strive to have well qualified, highly motivated teachers with equally passionate Learner Assistants and Aftercare staff.

Adapting the Reggio Emilia concept, we provide a stimulating, research based learning environment, encouraging partnership in education amongst teachers and parents without diminishing professionalism. Whilst being fundamentally a Christian Pre-Primary school, we value and promote diversity, encouraging families to instil morals, values and respect at a family level.

Our aim is to equip the child holistically with the necessary skills needed for Grade One in Literacy, Mathematical concepts and Life skills learning areas. We strive to equip each child with the necessary physical, cognitive, social, normative and emotional skills to prepare them for formal education. In so doing we work closely with the Grade One teachers to ensure that we meet their expectations. These skills are taught in an informal manner and largely through play as most of our learning takes place incidentally. Our well-equipped, extended outdoor play area enhances gross motor development which in turn prevents low muscle tone and integration problems, and a sensory garden provides learners with the opportunity to develop all their senses while being actively involved outdoors. Outsourced extra murals of a high standard are also provided.

We strive towards progression in each group and also address areas of concern by providing extra support where necessary. Specialist therapists are available if needed.

Architecturally we are consonant with a model of green living – contemporary in design with wide open
spaces, infused with natural light and powered with solar energy. An awareness of the importance of recycling and taking care of our environment plays a key role in our daily programme.

We also offer an Aftercare facility to provide for the needs of full day working parents.

Jenny Copeling
Principal of the Pre-Primary College