As Woodlands International College is a co-educational, non-denominational College, diverse cultures are encouraged and celebrated.

In so doing, our Pre-Primary College celebrates the diverse cultures of our children at our annual Cultural Day celebration which is always held around the 24th September to coincide with National Heritage day. Children share their traditional eats as well as showcasing their respective cultures by dressing in their traditional outfits.

Woodlands Pre-Primary stages a production every second year. The children learn by repetition, and the experience affords the confident, outgoing child the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and the quite reserved child the opportunity to realise that they have what it takes to be on the stage. We do not expect a perfect performance but delight in the children simply being themselves.

Every other year we end the year off with a holiday show which showcases what the children have learned through the year in music and class and brings families together for a delightful social event.