Woodlands Pre-Primary College provides a quality early childhood programme ensuring a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of the young child. Our carefully thought out programme provides:

  • Opportunities to develop motor skills
  • Encouragement of language through talking, being read to, and singing
  • Activities that develop a sense of mastery
  • Experimentation with pre-writing and pre-reading skills
  • Hands-on exploration for learning through action and play
  • Opportunities for taking responsibility and making choices to develop full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential

The core objective is to provide each child with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. The methodology used by our caring teachers encourages a feeling of belonging and instils innate confidence in the children. Individuality is encouraged in a relaxed, self-disciplined environment.

Our expansive classrooms are well-equipped with the latest materials and equipment encouraging problem solving and creativity. Low teacher/child ratios result in communication occurring throughout the day, with mutual listening, talking/responding, inspiring reasoning and critical thinking – crucial skills required for a 21st century child.

All our teachers are experienced educators with higher education degrees. Teachers take part in ongoing upskilling courses throughout the year, ensuring relevance and mastery of the latest educational trends.

Parents and guardians are kept up-to-date with the child’s progress on a continual basis by means of formal and informal meetings, with reports being issued bi-annually.