New Playground

“A shiny new climb-through outdoor crawling frame was installed on our beautiful, spacious playground at the Pre-Primary College this week – all our students were eager to have a turn, and are thoroughly enjoying it! Some of the benefits of this crawling frame include learning teamwork, improved coordination, increased strength, enhanced motor skills, binocular vision, …

The Benefits of Reading

Although they can’t actually read as yet, children ‘read’ the pictures, transporting them – through their vivid little imaginations – to faraway wonderful places. The benefits of reading – and being read to – are boundless, with regular and consistent reading contributing to improving a child’s concentration abilities, vocabulary, articulation and imagination. Reading for pleasure …

Easter Hat Parade

The verandahs at the Pre-Primary College came alive with creativity on Thursday as the children embraced the opportunity to flaunt their panache with our Easter Bonnet Parade. Our Students, with the assistance of their parents, truly outdid themselves with the most beautiful bunnies, chicks and eggs crowning the smiling little faces – the Campus was …

My Body

“My Body” was the theme of our puppet show today. The puppets kept us engaged as we interacted and laughed throughout the show. The show was not only entertaining but educational as well. Machteld from Puppetales is always a delight to have over and a true talented entertainer. Geppetto and Pinocchio, from an old classic, …

Wacky wizard inning

‘If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything’ – Unknown Wacky Wizard visited the Pre-Primary Campus today and wowed us with all kinds of magic tricks. The fun and interactive show was enjoyed by all

Inning: Drumming

‘A good groove releases adrenaline in your body. You feel uplifted, you feel centered, you feel calm, you feel powerful. You feel that energy. That’s what good drumming is all about.’ – Mickey Hart Our Pre-Primary was entertained by the Drum Busters team today. What a fun and interactive way to learn different beats and …


Our Grade 0s were visited by Eduvet, to learn all about chickens, and how they grow from eggs to chicks. Our children were fascinated by this process. They now get to witness this life cycle for themselves, as there is an incubator and eggs in the Grade 0 class for this week.

Spring Day

The Pre-Primary College celebrated Spring Day on Friday, 8 September with civvies and planting of seedlings all around our beautiful campus. We are all looking forward to watching our seedlings blossom

Mad Hatter’s Big Walk

Woodlands Pre-Primary held a Mad Hatter’s Big Walk on Friday, 28 July. The children showed up with the most creative hats and throughly enjoyed the obstacle course on their walk around our beautiful school.


The Grade 0000 children attended a fun and interactive innings by Eduvet. Using music, video and costumes, Teacher Tanya from Eduvet delighted our young learners as they listen to information and stories about various modes of transport as well as road safety too.