One of the key areas of focus in the Junior College is ensuring the preparedness of our students – emotionally and academically – for the increased rigors of their Senior College endeavours and ensuring that the transition is seamless and taken comfortably within their stride.

The success of this process can be largely attributed to the quality and experience of our academic staff. Our educators are carefully handpicked through a combination of advertising and personal recommendations and referrals. All academic staff members are degreed, with breadth of training and experience in their relevant disciplines a fundamental selection consideration. In addition to the practical hard skills, they bring to the table, our teachers must demonstrate further value-driven qualities, be they in the sphere of sports, arts and culture or, indeed, any domain that will positively shape and mould the characters and personalities of our students, challenge them, and broaden their outlook. One of the most vital attitudes of all our staff both academic and non-academic is having a caring and nurturing nature, as learning takes place when a child feels safe and happy in their environments.

Great emphasis is placed on the upskilling of our academic staff in areas of demand such as digital technology, and the use of leading-edge hardware and software. Attendance at cluster meetings, and on educational courses, as well as in-service training is expected. A doctrine of “teaching the child and not the curriculum” is encouraged, as is keeping up with – and anticipating – current trends in education, while SACE registration demands continual learning and growth through educational lectures, reading materials and subject-specific discussions.