Sport is an endeavour that encompasses the entire College from Grade 1 to Grade 12.  Founded on the guiding principle of “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, sport and the cultivation of a sporting ethos is a key imperative of our passionate sports masters.  A wide offering of sporting activities is built into the school day and exposes students to a variety of sporting codes and disciplines.  Not only does this approach foster a healthy, active lifestyle for our budding sportsmen and women, but it also develops essential skills such as hand – eye co-ordination.  During the integrated sporting sessions for Grade 1 to 3 students, students are exposed to a multitude of sporting codes, essential in guiding them to find their particular passion.  As they move up through the College, students are better equipped to understand where their strengths lie and more able to determine which sporting discipline, they would ultimately like to specialise in.

As part of the development of sporting disciplines our Grade 1 to 3 students compete in mini-tournaments in order to expose them to the world of competitive sport.

From Under-9 and upwards, teams take part in District Leagues as well as SISA Leagues and Friendlies. Here our students are able to specialise and, in many cases, compete on a provincial level. This is where the competitive side of the various codes becomes evident.  Our students are offered coaching and training by highly qualified coaches, who are as enthusiastic as the young ladies and gentlemen that they interact with on a daily basis.  Emphasis is placed on fitness and wellness, and skills are finely-honed under the auspices of our dedicated Sports Department.

Integral to a sporting culture is the social aspect of participating in sport.  It is vital for our students to learn and nurture the essential skills of exhibiting good sportsmanship, behaviour, and discipline – both on and off the sports fields.  It is this that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Sports at Woodlands International College