Consistent with its vision of encouraging its students to embrace all facets of life and enabling them to have a balance between academics, sport and culture that is holistic, our Cultural Department offers a myriad of opportunities for our boys and girls to explore. They are guided and instructed by enthusiastic and highly proficient teachers and instructors who instil a passion and love for culture activities.

Chatterbox and Inter-school Public-Speaking events exposes our students to the enthralling world of public speaking. Their fears of speaking to large audiences are soon allayed and the confidence with which they can address the public is remarkable. Eisteddfods, where students are encouraged to participate in a variety of options, include Own Choice Poetry, un-prepared and prepared reading, speeches, mono- and dialogues. Every alternate year each phase of the Junior College participates in group poetry presentations.

From beginners, novices to experts, our students from Grade 1 to 6 have access to the excellent game or sport of Chess. Chess leagues allow our youngsters the opportunity to strategize with military precision as they carefully plan their moves to outwit their opponents on the intellectual battleground. The intra-college Intermediate Phase ladder continually shows the high level of competitiveness as well as increasing competency. Recent developments have moved our chess players into the world of online chess competitions with excellent results.

The ever popular and rapidly growing Eco Club sees the students taking surveys along the Wetlands to determine the population of the resident insect and birdlife. They monitor and record rising and falling water levels and, most importantly, learn to respect and care for our amazing natural world.

Theatrical Productions and concerts take place annually within the Junior College, alternating between the Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase. All students are encouraged to play a role in the productions. Participating in the dramatical arts grows the confidence of students, and it is gratifying to witness how adept they become in being able to ad-lib, produce on-the-spot performances and learn the value of positive criticism as they continually evaluate one another’s participation and progress.

Woodlands Junior Cultural Department Offers: