As our approach to learning is development and growth of the whole child, Woodlands Junior College provides students with access to a variety of additional outsourced cultural activities, where experts and field specialists are sourced and with whom parents deal directly.

We have recently increased our offerings to include:
Ballet – an outsourced extra-mural in the Junior College. Ballet lessons are given on the school premises, with additional lessons being offered during ballet examination time at the instructor’s private studio. The classes start as early as four years old and through to Senior College children who continue with their passion for dance. The poise and discipline demanded by this rigorous sport produces highly accomplished dancers with enviable posture and an elegance of form and movement.

Hip Hop, Freestyle and Contemporary Dance … through “Live to Dance” Academy

Drama classes through “Methodz Acting”

Under the umbrella of our Music Department, the Emthomjeni Institute provides individual instrumental lessons on the drums, piano, violin and guitar as well as individual voice coaching.

On a period basis the College also offers Arts and Crafts classes hosted by experienced art teachers. These classes have proved to be very popular and have been well attended since they were first introduced. Our aim is for our students to produce artwork worthy to give as a gift or to hang on a wall with pride.

This is a class where our students are able to relax and enjoy various art activities –students complete a variety of projects which they take home on completion, such as a mosaic dolphin, a fabric painted Easter bag, a wooden sign for their bedroom door, a painted plate, an embellished photo frame and a wooden calendar. Over the years we have taught the children various skills such as glass painting, candle making, mosaicing, beading, fabric painting, printing, metal embossing, papier-mâché, print making and acrylics. The students thoroughly enjoy these classes as they get to learn different techniques and use varied materials in a safe space. Students are encouraged to experiment with the different art materials, using their imagination and creativity to produce their own individual masterpieces.

Chess with Coach Q are chess lessons provided for Grade 1 to 3 students, who have developed a keen interest in this highly competitive game.