Woodlands is all about nurturing.

At our Junior College, and building on the solid foundation provided by our Pre-Primary College, where early learning issues are carefully detected, assessed, and addressed, we continue to harness the collective expertise of skilled and trained professionals to provide additional support for those students who will benefit from it, having established close working relationships with a number of prominent local Educational Psychologists.

Our small classes and high teacher-to-student ratio ensure tailor-made, individualised attention at all times, complemented by close consultation with our onsite Speech and Occupational Therapists, who work to ensure there are no unnecessary hurdles in your child’s path to academic success.

Augmented by the leading edge practice of rotational teaching in the Grade 1 – 3 Foundational Phase which affords the responsive remediation of problem areas the moment they become apparent, we also provide extra lessons in the critical subjects of English and Mathematics.

Our caring and supportive environment will unlock your child’s full potential, building the solid foundations critical to achieving confidence and success throughout their academic career.