Grade 1 to Grade 3

  • Numeracy
  • English and Literacy (Language of teaching)
  • Afrikaans (first additional language)
  • IsiZulu (first additional language)
  • Life skills
  • Creative and Musical Arts
  • Environmental appreciation
  • Physical education
  • STEAM and technology

The Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) curriculum presents a diverse, stimulating academic timetable and introduces our young students to the more formal aspects of classroom tuition. Over and above the prescribed subjects of Literacy and Numeracy, and Life skills, our students are exposed to the joys of Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Creative and Musical Arts, Physical Education and STEAM – all within a sound environmentally appreciative surrounding.

Well-designed and spacious classrooms are resourced with appropriate teaching aids including smartboards and projectors. Hands-on learning is promoted and encouraged, with the focus on “thinking out of the box” skills, lateral thinking and active participation in all areas with the assistance of leading edge technologies. The academic bar is raised high, and students are constantly challenged to attain this and even reach beyond.

Teacher Assistants are on hand to work with students who require a little extra one-on-one time, as well as for stretching those who grasp the concepts with ease.

The introduction of Time2Read and NumberSense programmes is providing our students with solid foundations in both reading, phonic awareness, mental mathematics, and mathematical strategies.

Downtime for our students exposes them to the sheer enjoyment and appreciation of nature in the form of our beautiful Wetlands ecosystem. At any given time during break, students can be seen checking on the progress of our resident Egyptian Geese and their fluffy goslings, saving a crab or chick or enjoying the shade under the willows. They also have the opportunity to enjoy our custom designed junior playground which is equipped with a host of apparatus designed to refine and improve fine and gross motor skills.

Our dedicated academic staff are committed to each student as an individual, and their kind and caring manner ensures a smooth, planned, and comfortable transition between the Foundation Phase and the Intermediate Phase.