“Theatre is a powerful art form. It teaches lessons about life, society and emotion and more importantly yourself.” Anastasia Roberts.

Each year our students are fortunate to experience live thretre on their own college grounds, through “On Cue” and “RedHead Productions” in all three languages within the academic framework. The highlight of any year is undoubtedly the field trip of the entire College to the Civic Theatre in Johannesburg to enjoy their pantomime production.

Annually, a show is produced by either the Foundation or Intermediate Phases. The content and context of the various productions is informed not only by amusement and fun, but also by educational themes as well as age-appropriateness. The production exposed the students to a completely different world where costume fittings and rehearsals are the order of the day, voice-overs and back tracks are created in sound rooms and the spotlights of camera’s are all around.

Over the years our members of staff have written and produced a number of their own shows, including “Sing a Song of Africa; “Welcome to our World”; “A Twist in the Tale”; “Dwarves Revenge”; “A Night with the Stars”; and “A Modern Fairy Tale”, together with a host of Christmas pageants, talent shows, and lip synch contests, as well as an awe-inspiring theatrical production of “Mulan”.

Our Intermediate Phase has staged an ambitious two-day Cultural event in collaboration with the Art Department. Titled “Afropop”, the halls, fields and quads of the College were adorned with captivating works of visual art, accompanied by the delectable tastes of Greek, Portuguese and Indian food and highlighted by plays and music showcasing cultural dress from around the world. Gumboot dancing, song groups, choirs, and marimbas added to the unique colour and excitement of the event.