In the Junior College, all students are introduced to athletics during the athletics season. This time is incorporated into our integrated sports lessons as well as Physical Education classes where the children learn how to start a sprint correctly and participate in the time trials, and from where our inter-house athletics teams are chosen. They also learn how to correctly throw a shotput and a javelin. All children participate in inter-house athletics, even if they are not selected for the team. We focus on fun and teamwork.

The athletics season at Woodlands commences with the inter-house Athletics Competition. The competition between the three houses (Hawks, Falcons and Eagles) is always fierce. From the individual sprint races to the long-distance races, high jump, long jump and even shot put, every child puts in their best effort for their house. The relays are always exciting, with the houses cheering the teams on from the stands, under the guidance of the enthusiastic cheerleaders.

The athletes finishing in the top positions at the inter-house meeting are then selected to represent Woodlands at the inter-schools’ athletics meetings. These meeting include both formal D6 meetings as well as a host of friendly meets and the SISA Field Events meet held annually. From the formal Inter-School Athletics Meeting, athletics can be chosen to represent our regions in the regional D6 and may progress to the to represent the Ekurhuleni Provincial Team which participated in the inter-provincial championships.