Grade 4 to Grade 6

The Intermediate phase introduces students to subject-based learning where the potential for learning across subjects and ‘flipping the classroom’ often take place. Within the Intermediate Phase students are introduced to the excitement of delving into new areas of learning while incidentally being prepared for the greater rigours of Senior College.

All Intermediate phase students participate in

  • English (home language)
  • Afrikaans and IsiZulu (as first additional languages)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • History and Geography
  • Visual and Musical Arts
  • Life Orientation
  • Physical Education

Cognizant of and responsive to our fast-changing world, Woodlands has piloted deconstructed classrooms equipped with iPads, Smartboards and digital learning materials in Grade 4. Students are able to select a seating arrangement most appropriate and comfortable for their individual needs. The benefits afforded by the flexible and alternative seating configurations such as yoga balls, wobble seats, hokki stools, ottomans, and posture/back support chairs include encouraging good posture, strengthening core muscles, and an improvement in focus and concentration (particularly in children prone to poor concentration levels or attention deficit disorder). Naturally, more conventional and structured settings such as traditional desks and tables are also on hand for those students who prefer this arrangement. Being sensitive to the unique needs of our students has paid dividends, as is evidenced by the stellar academic results being achieved. The excitement is tangible and the work being produced is setting new academic standards.

Adopting a gentle and caring approach as they help these youngsters ease into their new world of The Intermediate Phase, our Grade 4 academic staff are adept at assisting students to rapidly become masterful at balancing their time and prioritising their commitments.

Having been thoroughly and meticulously prepared by their teachers in the lower Grades, holistic learning is now promoted and emphasized. We endeavour to nurture and produce well balanced children who are more than capable – not only the Academic realm, but also on the Cultural stage and in the Sporting arena. This results in young South Africans who possess the ability to think critically and creatively, and who are consequently able to contribute positively and meaningfully to society at large.

As our students grow in confidence and maturity, they are encouraged to enter into debates and discussions centred around the realities of living in today’s somewhat turbulent and challenging world. We encourage our young charges to become solution-driven, rather that problem-driven.
In learning about themselves and their own inherent strengths and weaknesses, they are able to exhibit the important traits of empathy and tolerance so crucial in becoming young citizens of our country.

The use of Smartboards and iPads in the classroom ensures that the children are kept up to speed with the modern and ever-changing trends in technology. Science experiments and other hands-on learning keeps their young minds actively engaged in the learning process, as well as integrating the use of technological into their growing skills development.

Learning beyond the classroom is enhanced through a range of thoughtfully considered outings such as “The Amazing Maze”, Sci-Bono and Maropeng, as well as in-house shows such as the delightful productions by “On Cue Theatre” and “Hooked on Books” as well as academic offerings such as the Virtual Planetarium.

When the time comes to tackle the new challenges of Grade 5 and 6, our Grade 4’s are more than capable of leaving the nest and spreading their wings as they embrace the wonders of growing up and becoming valuable members of society and citizens of our beautiful country. While Grade 5 and 6 provide the steppingstones into the Senior College, and the smooth transition into Junior High and Grade 7.