At Woodlands International College, we pride ourselves on providing an education suited to the next generation:

  • A generation of developing technologies that have not been thought of yet.
  • A generation of new, effective, and principled leaders.
  • A generation of entrepreneurs who are creative and free thinkers.
  • A generation of caring, tolerant and empathetic adults.
  • A generation of well-balanced individuals who are not afraid to think out of the box.
  • A generation of big dreamers who go out and make a difference in this world.
  • A generation who are true to our motto and who can, truly, “Rise above Mediocrity”.

Activities on Offer:

Innings and Outings

Teaching is enhanced by various enjoyable yet informative outings as well as presentations provided by well-established, highly professional outside suppliers. The outdoor classroom rates highly in learning. All Grades enjoy visits to a variety of educational venues which have included bird parks, Sci Bona, the ‘Amazing Maze’ and other educational venues related to academic content. Our students have the opportunity to enjoy the theatre through the delightful productions of “On Cue Theatre” (skits on popular fairy-tales such as “Robin Hood” and “Around the World in 80 Days”). “Hooked on Books” allows our students to experience a theatrical introduction to a variety of authors and age-appropriate books in order to encourage a greater access and love of reading. RedHead Productions provides students with an opportunity of observing and hearing Afrikaans and IsiZulu through theatre. Additional educational opportunities are afforded our students through the likes of the virtual planetarium.

Charitable and Community Initiatives

Students at Woodlands are encouraged to look beyond their own needs in order to become aware of the circumstances of others who are less fortunate than themselves. A range of charitable organisations are supported by our generous college community and it is gratifying and heart-warming to see the impact that this spirit of sharing brings to bear on all involved. The Junior College has been involved in a variety of annual programmes as well as charitable requests from our local community. The generosity of both our parent body as well as the empathy and charitability developed with the students bodes well for our community. As a Junior College we run an annual Used Stationery drive, Easter Egg collection, Christmas box collection, a shoe drive and odd sock-drive, as well as smaller projects such as sandwiches for the homeless, 67 minutes of Buntu, and much more.

Recycling Programme

All the stakeholders of our College, whether students, parents, teachers, or visitors, are part of the recycling programme. The students are educated on the pressing need to preserve our natural resources for future generations, and they are well-versed in “recycle, reuse and reduce”. Students are taught through fun and competition how to recycle and to keep their environment litter-free. Strategically placed recycle stations encourage students to recycle while craft activities illustrate how items can be re-used.

Holiday Workshops

Fun-filled themed Holiday Workshops are run by a group of our dedicated, qualified teaching staff. The boys and girls are encouraged to become constructively involved in a multitude of exciting activities such as reptile exposure; yoga; art activities; dance; and games. They return home well fed, bubbling over with exuberance, and certainly enjoy a good night’s sleep after their jam-packed day.

Market Days

Entrepreneurial skills are inculcated and nurtured through our Market Days and weekly Mini-shops. Foundation Phase students assist in the selling of items in the weekly mini-shop as well as develop their public speaking through daily advertising. Students within the Intermediate Phase are tasked with drawing up business plans and are responsible for the hosting of, and preparation for, these market days. The children who shop at the various stalls are ultimately participants in practising their own financial management as they prioritise and reconcile their needs and wants.

Fun Days

‘All work and no play’ has the potential to make school a dull place. Not so at Woodlands, where we intersperse our Academic calendar with fun days such as the Woodlands Birthday Picnic on International Wetland Day. Our Birthday celebrations see the students enjoying picnic baskets on the lawns adjacent to and overlooking our unique wetlands. Students and teachers alike embrace the days of dressing up according to chosen themes throughout the year, adding a spirit of laughter and amusement. Being able to dress up as your favourite book character or to add a pirate theme dress-up to a geography activity adds exponentially to the learning experience.