The Music Department at Woodlands International College strives to provide opportunities for all students to enjoy, learn and participate in the musical arts, from singing to instrumental exposure as well as looking as the theory of music, a touch on historical aspects of music, from the traditional to modern as well as from a variety of cultural aspects. Playing and listening to music enriches our lives and we encourage all of our students to explore this wonderful art form.

Students in the Junior College attend Class Music Lessons once a week. During these lessons they perform, create, listen and respond to music. Further to this, all Junior College students are given opportunities to explore musical instruments such as the hand drums, recorder, xylophone and marimbas.

This exposure encourages, through the guidance of our music teacher, students to feel encouraged to choose to formally study an instrument, together with a host of other instruments with one of our visiting music teachers through the Emthonjeni Institute in a weekly private lesson.

There are two choirs in the Junior College, a Foundation Phase Choir, and an Intermediate Phase Choir. Grade 2 and 3 students are introduced to the musical joys and rigors of being a member of an elite group of students through choir rehearsals within the academic day. The Intermediate Phase Choir rehearse either in the morning before school or when competing in the afternoons as well.

Both the choirs perform at various school functions, festivals and eisteddfods throughout the year, with the highlight being the awe-inspiring Linden Auditorium production.

The Junior College has a rich Marimba Band program with a band in each grade from Grade 3 to 6. Our marimbas preform regularly as College events and can be heard in the background of most college functions. Our Marimba Bands also compete regularly in Musical Eisteddfods.