Mini-Soccer is introduced to our boys from Grade 1 to Grade 3. All boys participate and learn the correct skills and positions for the game. Outsourced coaches are included in this activity and assist in giving our boys top-class coaching sessions. Our Under-7 and Under-8 boys participate in the SISA mini-soccer tournaments on Friday afternoons. Here they play many matches against other schools who form part of the SISA league. From Under-9, our boys participate in the D6 League. The season is concluded with a Winter Festival where all our children participate.

Soccer is classified as a major sport at Woodlands. Woodlands combines external professional soccer coaches with a number of qualified staff members as coaches and managers in order to provide our teams with top quality coaching and guidance.

We have both boys’ and girls’ teams participating in the leagues, from Under-9 through to Under-13, with A and B teams throughout. This provides an opportunity for every child who wishes to play to be part of a team. We also have an interesting situation in a number of the teams where we have some girls competing for places in the boys’ teams!

Woodlands also participates in the SISA League, which caters for the smaller private schools. This affords us the opportunity to enter our B and C teams in a competitive environment.

At Woodlands we have two full grass soccer fields, as well as a mini-soccer field and a mini-(out door) astro field. In addition, the completion of the Matthews Hall Indoor Sports Centre provides a world class indoor soccer ‘field’.