Woodlands is all about support.

At our Senior College, we keep our finger on the pulse of education, reviewing academic results monthly, and comparing them to the Independent Examination Board and other national and international benchmarks, making us immediately responsive to the needs of our students.

In Grades 8 and 9, additional lessons are provided in small after school Academic Support groups every afternoon in core subjects, with additional assistance available in other subjects. In Grades 10-12, teaching and learning is guided by IEB Subject Assessment Guidelines, and Department of Education Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS), allowing our teachers – through a deliberate programme of revision, practice and exam techniques – to guide and motivate students to improve their skills and competencies and to achieve academic excellence.

In the all-important Matric year, academic support is rigorous, including weekly whole-class curriculum completion in core subjects during school, small group tutoring after school, Saturday morning Academic Support, and two weeks of focussed curriculum review and exam preparation during August winter break.