Gone are the days of wondering how the birdie on the final hole affects your position in the current tournament or in the overall team standings. Whether your peers are on the same course in another four-ball or taking you on from a course across the globe, they will know whether – and by what margin – they need to up their game.

ScoreCapture, a resource established in 2013 and which started out being a tournament management tool specifically designed to run any live scoring tournaments, whether official or simply social, has revolutionised the methodology by which golfers score their games, enhancing and improving the experience and simplifying the previously tedious task of scribbling down scores and results after each hole. The resultant scores can then be presented live, on customised leaderboards which have been personalised by the event organiser or administrator. ScoreCapture will compute it all for you – instantly and seamlessly – once you have entered your score into your smartphone. The system will compute your scorecard, present a leaderboard, and keep track of your SAGA handicap score by taking your handicap and strokes on each hole into account and producing a printable scorecard at the end of your round, if required.

The ScoreCapture team are responsible for managing the Woodlands Junior Masters Golf Championship through their relationship with Serengeti Estates.

Scoring System