At Woodlands International College our emphasis is on the shared responsibility between home and school in engendering and fostering a culture of maturity, responsibility, and self-discipline. Our aim is to produce confident, considerate members of society, who are able to operate in their places of work as well as their communities both as leaders and team players.

Our Student Leadership is fundamental to achieving this goal, and is segregated into three bodies, each performing different functions:

The Prefect Body

Our Prefects are selected to work together to assist the Directors, Executive, and general Staff in ensuring good order and appropriate conduct within the school environment, promoting a safe and happy space for all. Rather than policing their peers, we encourage an interactive and co-operative spirit between the Prefects and their fellow students, encouraging a collegial and productive ethos of governance. The Prefects are also brand ambassadors of the school outside of its grounds, and are relied upon to uphold the fine reputation of the institution. The individuals that comprise this illustrious group are required to serve the College for a term of office that spans a full year from the third term of Grade 11 until they write their Preliminary Examinations in their Matric year.

The Prefect Body falls under the custodianship of the HOD: Student Affairs.

The Prefect Body is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Head Prefects (Head Boy and Head Girl)
  • Deputy Head Prefects (Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl)
  • Prefect Body (Boys and Girls)

The selection process entails a number of criteria: Students are recognized firstly in respect of their behavior and achievements in the Academic, Sporting, and Cultural arenas, with participation in College life being imperative. There is no stipulation made in terms of the physical number comprising the Prefect Body, which will vary from year to year and be filled solely on the basis of merit. Grade 11’s are required to apply for the positions of leadership by submitting a curriculum vitae to the Executive, and to attend a formal interview. A voting process follows the interview process, in which the Staff, together with Grade 10, 11, and 12 students are afforded the opportunity to vote for the candidates they believe would best serve and represent Woodlands.

Students in the Student Leadership corps are expected to:

  • Hold a good reputation both within the school and in the community;
  • Be willing to commit to a full year of service;
  • Be available to attend all school functions;
  • Attend weekly meetings;
  • Be a team player;
  • Be a good role model for all students;
  • Be respectful of Staff and all students;
  • Always be neat in appearance and in compliance with the Woodlands Code of Conduct;
  • Always have homework and assignments complete and up-to-date;
  • Be fair, equitable, and consistent; and
  • Be vigilant in enforcing the anti-bullying policy and Code of Conduct.

The Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Chairperson (Boy or Girl)
  • Executive (elected by SRC members)
  • Class Representatives (elected by their peers in Homeroom from Grade 7 – 12)

The SRC term of office runs a full year from January until December. Two Class Representatives are elected for each class at the beginning of the first term. Candidates are provided an opportunity to run for the position by delivering an address to their peers. The SRC Chairperson for the following year is announced at the year-end Honours Evening.


Interact is comprised of the following divisions:

  • President (elected by the Interact Board)
  • Interact Board
  • Interact Members (no stipulated number)

The President of Interact serves for a full year, from July until July of the following year, while Interact Members join either at the beginning of the year or during the course of the year. We therefore have an outgoing President and an Incoming President during the course of the academic year.