At Woodlands we pride ourselves on turning out well-rounded, grounded individuals capable of interacting and engaging with confidence at all levels of society.

In no small measure we attribute our success to the holistic approach we bring to the equation – not only within the classroom but also beyond its walls.  Imagine being able to choose a discipline for the pure enjoyment of it – not because it reflects on your grade average.  With our “Beyond Academics” enrichment programme our students can elect to participate in one new pursuit each term, just for the fun of it.

Drawing together a wide range of sports, hobbies, and the arts and sciences, “Beyond Academics” encourages exploration and freedom of expression.

2018 sees the following activities on offer:

  • Ballet for beginners
  • Ballroom & Latin American dance
  • Board games
  • Cricket for boys
  • Cricket for girls
  • Film making
  • Fishing
  • Fit-box
  • Golf
  • MAD coding
  • Marimbas
  • Mixed netball
  • Pastel Accounting
  • Professional theatre make-up
  • Science club
  • Scrapbooking
  • Self-defense
  • Soccer for boys
  • Soccer for girls
  • Texture art
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga