Woodlands International College (“the College”) is a relatively youthful institution. Nevertheless, in all that we do we anticipate an enduring and illustrious future, and a proud and respectable history. In particular, the sporting codes at the College are in a nascent stage. However, every sport draws on a rich history, set of rules, and traditions. Common to all is an expectation of good behaviour and a sportsman-like ethos from the players and participants. A healthy regard for one’s team mates, and equally one’s opponent, is the cornerstone of good sportsmanship, and the College encourages the application of these values both on the field and off the field.

Similarly, the College expects a high standard of behaviour from those who attend College sporting events, practices, matches, trials and tournaments, in a spectator role – whether they be held on College grounds or further afield. Every sport benefits from having motivated and enthusiastic supporters, and Woodlands strongly welcomes the attendance of parents or indeed any other supporter at its events.  However, supporters are expected to subscribe to and embrace the same value system that we demand of our young sportsmen and women, as they are frequently looked upon as role models, and often as mentors.

It is not practicable to explicitly regulate all aspects of supporter conduct as it applies to every sporting discipline nor, arguably, necessary insofar as adult supporters are concerned. However, in order to provide a frame of reference, the College has developed a Supporter Code of Conduct which sets out a non-exhaustive body of guidelines and positive behaviours, as well as mandatory and non-negotiable rules. The College has the right to amend the Supporter Code of Conduct from time-to-time. Supporters are requested to familiarise themselves with these prescripts, and to at all times uphold and abide by them.

Supporters are advised and forewarned that certain behaviours will be regarded by the College as unacceptable. Unacceptable behaviours go to the heart of the contractual relationship entered into between the College and a counterparty, and may result in the College terminating the contractual relationship, or instituting disciplinary or other proceedings against the transgressor.

This Code of Conduct reflects the values and expectations of the College. It does not exclude or replace the rights and obligations of individuals under common law.

Deliberate and/or repeated breaches of this Code of Conduct may result in the exclusion of a parent/guardian from future College events, or in dire circumstances even the termination of the enrolment of their child/ren from the College.

Guidelines and positive behaviours

  • Respect and subscribe to the caring ethos and values of the College
  • Inculcate an inclusive approach including a non-judgmental and welcoming attitude towards all people – adopt open, positive and honest communication and embrace an empathy and tolerance for the situation of others
  • Appreciate that educating your child is a shared responsibility and collaborative process between the College, its teachers, and you as parents/guardians
  • Approach College staff first to resolve an issue. Do not “take the law into your own hands”
  • Seek to reconcile the perspective of the College with that of the child in order to fully comprehend a potential issue or problem
  • Accept that all stakeholders in the College should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times
  • Take responsibility for correcting your child’s behaviour in public, if inappropriate, and before it can result in an undesirable or harmful outcome
  • Help your child to appreciate that it is more the process that is experienced, rather than the end product, that makes it all worthwhile – that giving of one’s best effort is more valuable than comparing one’s own achievements with those of others
  • Understand the importance of a healthy parent/teacher/child relationship and communicate any concerns to the College in a constructive and appropriate fashion
  • Cooperate when your child’s behaviour has overstepped accepted College standards and follow the specified protocol for communication with staff members
  • Value the College community and its reputation especially when engaging with social media – champion the College and its reputation and be mindful of potential hurt or damage social media may cause to staff members and other parents/guardians
  • Commit to honouring the sport in conduct and in expression
  • Support your child irrespective of their performance – vocalise your support and reinforce your pride in their participation, not in their results
  • Be generous with praise and positive recognition
  • Be complimentary regarding the team and teammates
  • Be gracious and respectful of the opposing team, player, or competitor
  • Be a positive role model – demonstrate proper sportsmanship at all times and refrain from negativity
  • Enjoy the experience to the fullest – it is your responsibility to watch your child, and other people’s children, participate, learn, and have fun
  • Do not instruct your child during the game or during breaks – let the coach/es coach
  • Should you disagree with an official’s call, honour the game and remain silent. Trust that the official’s call is in the best interests of the team or individual player
  • If another spectator abuses an official, kindly report the matter to the team Manager who will deal with the incident appropriately. Do not confront the perpetrator yourself
  • Positively affirm good calls made by an official by commending them to other spectators. Be supportive of their decisions and do not undermine their efforts
  • Applaud good play by both teams/rival players. Good play deserves to be cheered, and disappointments deserve to be consoled – no matter whose team it affects
  • Don’t react in the heat of the moment. Reflect and then, if necessary, respond appropriately and conservatively
  • After play, be sure to acknowledge and thank the official/s and/or coach/es
  • After play, take the time to provide honest but supportive feedback to your child, together with constructive suggestions for improvement, if possible
  • After play, when reviewing your child’s performance, assume an empathetic position and endeavour to put a positive slant on their performance or contribution. Ask what they learned from the event, what they enjoyed most and least about it, and what they might do better (or differently) next time
  • College players will, where practicable and appropriate, acknowledge spectators following play as a sign of respect

Mandatory and non-negotiable rules

  • The College adopts and stringently enforces a “zero tolerance” stance toward racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination, religious, cultural or otherwise
  • The College adopts and stringently enforces a “zero tolerance” stance towards any form of abuse (verbal, physical, or otherwise) toward an official (whether employed by the College or not). A supporter accused of such behaviour will:
    • be asked to tender a sincere, genuine, and unreserved apology to the official in question
    • be asked to recuse themselves from the event
    • be expected to submit to a disciplinary enquiry and abide by the findings or recommendations of the chairperson thereof
  • The decision, finding, or ruling by an official (whether employed by the College or otherwise) is absolute, and is to be regarded as final and binding, irrespective of a supporter’s differing opinion. Officials appointed by the College are instructed to not engage with a supporter where the latter holds a contrary opinion to that of the official
  • The making of defamatory, offensive or derogatory statements regarding the College or any of its parents/guardians, staff, or students on Facebook or any other social media platform is strictly disallowed. Any grievance you may have must be directed through the appropriate College channels in order to ensure that it is dealt with fairly, appropriately, and effectively for all concerned
  • Refrain from using offensive language, cursing or swearing, profanity, unnecessarily loud language, or displaying any form of temper
  • Desist from threatening to do bodily harm to a member of the College staff, a visitor, fellow parent/guardian, or student
  • Refrain from damaging or destroying College property
  • Under no circumstances may a parent/guardian chastise or admonish someone else’s child. Instead, any complaint regarding the actions of someone else’s child should be brought to the attention of a member of the College’s staff for redress
  • To safeguard and promote the cohesiveness and proper functioning of all team sports at the College, an individual team member is not permitted to resign from or abandon a team without first consulting with or advising the relevant manager, coach, or Head of Sports. The decision to leave a team (after the prescribed consultation) may carry certain sanctions. The failure to observe this necessary courtesy will result in automatic punitive measures being imposed by the College which may include, inter alia, the retraction of sports colours or awards
  • Refrain from any behaviour which interferes with, or threatens to interfere with, the proper operation of a sporting event
  • Alcohol and the consumption thereof at College sporting events is strictly prohibited, other than where provided by the College for its guests. Should the College provide alcohol for its guests, this will be in a predetermined space well away from the field of play. No alcohol will be permitted at any time on the side of the playing field. Supporters contravening this provision will be requested to recuse themselves from the event. Repeated infringement of this rule will result in further action being taken by the College
  • Whilst not an enforceable provision, the College discourages supporters from smoking within visible proximity of the players
  • Parents or supporters may not encroach upon the pre-determined “Technical Area” (the area in which players and officials are seated) of the sport being played
  • Parents and supporters are bound by the controls and regulations imposed by the Tournament Director and/or Tournament Officer
  • Parents are reminded that they have consented to the Manager and/or coach acting in their stead (in loco parentis) for the duration of the event. In the case of an injury, parents and supporters may not enter the field and must remain clear of the Technical Area. The Manager of the team will be summoned onto the field by the umpire, and the Tournament Director and/or Tournament Officer will communicate with the relevant parents
  • Parents are urged to respect and abide by the team selection made by the coach for a given game and not to interfere with that decision
  • All decisions regarding the game vest in the coach in consultation, where necessary, with the Manager
  • In the instance of golf, although parents and supporters are permitted to walk the course, they are required to remain a minimum of 40m from the golfers at all times
  • Ongoing communication between parents and/or supporters and the golfer will result in the offending parent/supporter being requested to leave the course
  • Where the College elects to provide a designated vehicle or bus to transport players or teams to an event held off College premises, it is compulsory for logistical and teambuilding reasons that all participants travel to the event together. Whilst it is preferred that all participants return to the College following the event in the same manner, it is permitted for a parent/guardian to uplift their own child/ren directly from the event, provided they have furnished the relevant Sports Master in charge with prior written notice of such intention