Woodlands takes great pride in securing the finest educators available in staffing the Senior College.  With one end in mind – preparing our charges for outstanding matriculation results and university exemption – we dedicate significant energy to the process of identifying, recruiting, training and managing our academic staff.

The Senior College is administered by an Executive comprising of the Principal, Deputy Principal, and three Heads of Department: one for the G.E.T. (General Education and Training ) Phase, one for the F.E.T. (Further Education and Training) Phase, and one for Student Affairs, and who are supported by two administrative secretaries.  In all, the College has a staff complement of over 30, consisting of Grade Controllers for Grade 7 – 12, Home Room teachers for each class in Grade 7 – 12, and subject teachers in line with the academic timetable.

Following the advertisement of any new post on the ISASA website and in local newspapers and a robust assessment of candidate curriculum vitae, suitable candidates are screened and invited to attend a rigorous interview process.  Outstanding candidates are advanced to a further round of qualifying interviews, whereafter the most suitable candidate, with reference to the skills and expertise sought, is ultimately appointed.  Close attention is also accorded to any attendant value the candidate is likely to bring to the College in allied areas such as extra-mural activities, sport, or culture, and also the closeness of their alignment with the spirit and ethos of Woodlands.

Senior College staff regularly attend IEB conferences, workshops, and subject cluster meetings, and are constantly encouraged to augment their knowledge base, remain current with international trends and best -practice, and undertake training that will benefit them personally and professionally, while adding value in the classroom.