Parents/guardians are directed to the Constitutional principle which states that the “best interests of the child are paramount in every matter concerning the child”. In order to safeguard this principle Parents/guardians are requested to undertake to commit to abide by certain guidelines, and to adhere to College protocol when ventilating or addressing a particular grievance or concern, or in making a suggestion or constructive criticism.

The Directors, Principals and indeed all members of staff embrace a liberal, open-minded and consultative approach towards all matters involving the students of the College and their parents, and adopt an open door policy to discussing and resolving issues that may arise from time-to-time in the course of school life.

With a view to protecting the privacy of all parents and students equally, and to promote certainty, parity and the equal and fair treatment of any valid concern, parents/guardians are asked to respect the need to appropriately direct any concern through the designated channels in order for the College to regulate such concerns, and to ensure that they are effectively and efficiently resolved. The College encourages compliance with the protocol set out below, devised after much consideration and in order to ensure the most neutral and impartial processing of an issue, together with the involvement and awareness of all key and relevant College personnel.

Where a matter is of a routine or non-serious/urgent nature Either make an appointment to meet with, alternatively address an email setting out the salient features of the complaint or suggestion, to the undermentioned parties, in sequential order. Should you fail to be satisfied with the response you receive, you may then escalate the matter to the next College representative on the list:

  1. Homeroom Teacher
  2. Grade Head
  3. Head of Department
  4. Deputy Principal
  5. Principal
  6. Board of Directors

Where a matter is of a serious nature, is urgent or time-sensitive, or where the wellbeing or interests of the child are in danger of being compromised or prejudiced Contact the relevant College Principal as indicated below without delay. Where appropriate the Principal will consult with the Directors of the College.

Pre-Primary College

Mrs Jenny Copeling | (083 281 8938)

Junior College

Mrs Elmine Middlewick | (011 894 5161)
Dr Gregory Pienaar | (011 894 5161)

Senior College

Mrs Hilary Robinson | (011 894 5161)

After hours or in emergencies only

Director | (083 254 4477)