“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” – Pablo Picasso.

While not strictly an annual event, the Art Exhibition finds its place on the calendar when the demanding cultural schedule allows.  What does not change, though, is the impressive depth of art on display. At Woodlands, an exhibition of art is so much more than simply a static exhibit. Rather, the event becomes the art itself and the audience the artists, with our student artists preparing a masterpiece of visual entertainment under the stewardship of the College’s Head of Art.

From the red-carpet experience and brushing shoulders with celebrities to the thrill of street theatre all around and the artists creating their works in front of the spectators’ eyes, visitors are taken on a journey that will delight all of their senses.

One can only wonder what the next exhibition will hold in store.  This much will be guaranteed though:  the artworks will astound the viewer, who will be satisfied that Woodlands is indeed blessed with a host of wonderfully talented young art students.