This theatrical initiative has been held in abeyance in recent times owing to the extremely time consuming and demanding schedules of the broader musical productions staged by the College. However, the Cultural Championship has been and will continue to be an opportunity for Woodlands to “talent search” its student corps. Often there exists a talented musician, dancer, actress or vocalist who needs that one opportunity to be discovered.  It is this raw talent that the Woodlands Cultural Staff find great personal satisfaction in seeking out, nurturing and developing.

When we put our hearts into it and are appreciative of young people’s artistic individuality, we take profound leaps into the future of the performing and fine arts.

At Woodlands we view the Cultural Championship as not only a formative forum for celebrating and showing the creative genius of many young students, but also as a dynamic and exciting opportunity to develop and foster both inter-College and inter-school bonds through the fellowship of the performing arts, encouraging healthy and meaningful collaboration between other like-minded schools. These schools are invited to bring along their talented students to compete over a two to three week festival. Woodlands hosts separate dance, music and drama afternoons designed to showcase the talents of all students entering under their school banner. Extremely proficient and professional adjudicators are on hand to offer advice and encouragement and at the same time select the best performers from each performance art to move forward to the Gala Performance. Once the selection process has taken place, a few days of rehearsal are put in place to ensure that a highly-polished and collaborative theatrical offering is staged.  This Gala Performance is also adjudicated and awards are handed out for the best performers in the various categories.

Despite its humble beginnings in 2009 Woodlands International College, together with other participating schools, will continue to grow this Cultural Championship into a prestigious event on the cultural calendar of any aspiring artiste.