Woodlands is proud to boast a 100% Matriculation pass rate each and every successive year since its first group of Grade 12 Students matriculated at the end of 2005.  This exceptional track record is the result of a focussed and well-supported Academic Program under the aegis of the Independent Examination Board (IEB).  The National Senior Certificate as presented and examined by the IEB sees Woodlands students being accepted at many of the fine Colleges and Universities in South Africa and internationally.

Writing a quality examination, as formulated by the IEB, is one matter, but being mentally and emotionally ready to do so is another entirely.  This is the province of the outstanding educators found at Woodlands – our teachers foster an environment in which success is a destination best arrived at through a process of creative collaboration between student and teacher, a process that extends well beyond the constraints of the physical classroom.

At Woodlands, Grade 7 forms part of the Senior College.  It is our belief that an extra year in the Senior College better prepares our young students for the academic demands of Grade 10, 11 and 12.  By focussing on the basic, yet critical skills required for each subject and developing these alongside key 21st Century Skills, we ensure that when our students enter Grade 10 they are highly competent individuals who have the self-belief that they can and will achieve success in their chosen career path.