Dear Woodlands Alumnus,

Woodlands has produced graduates in such diverse disciplines as Actuarial Science, Aviation, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Optometry, and Veterinary Science.  Our Alumni, of whom we are extremely proud, have pursued further studies in tertiary environments not only in South Africa, but also abroad, with past students having been admitted to, amongst others, such distinguished institutions as Oxford.

No matter where you have chosen to study, to work, or to make your home, you remain a loved and valued member of our growing Woodlands family, and we will always take a keen interest in your life beyond your days with us at the College.  It is this value – family – that has always defined Woodlands, and that makes us so very unique, and looked up to by other schools.

As a facet of our dynamic social media drive we will be communicating with you on a regular basis, to keep you up to date with exciting developments at Woodlands, matters of topical interest, and to invite you to participate in events, socials, reunions, and the like.  In this way we hope not only to keep connected with you, as an alumnus of the College, but also to keep you connected with your former peers – an indelible link that will bind you together in later life, and ground you in the commonality of your early learning years.

We know that you will recognise the importance of the strong bonds forged here, in your formative years, and the potential benefits of drawing on the power of this fledgling social network in your future career path.  It is said that the friendships made at school are seldom replicated as an adult, and it is our hope that you will keep those friendships alive as you all inevitably move in different directions.

As an Alumnus, equipped with all the considerable skills you learned at your alma mater, you are also uniquely placed to make a meaningful contribution and to give of yourself to the College.  Please do keep us posted on your merit-worthy achievements – we would love to invite you to share your insights with a class or two, or even address a school assembly – your firsthand experiences can be incredibly empowering and inspirational to our student corps.  You might also be contacted, on occasion, by the College to assist us with fundraising initiatives, and we anticipate your enthusiastic participation in this regard.

In order to establish an effective Alumni Association it is imperative that you keep us informed of your current contact details (telephone numbers, email address, physical address, Facebook page and so on), as well as sending us your photos for us to post to our Alumni Association photo gallery on the College website.  We invite you to direct all updates and alumni-related correspondence to:  Melinda Lotz, Marketing –

We would also encourage you to join our Facebook and Instagram social media presence: