Throughout the world, successful societies set acceptable norms and standards of behaviour.  This enables them to function successfully. Communities within the society are expected to uphold the norms and standards and behave in a manner befitting that community and the society to which they belong. As an Independent School, Woodlands International College expects the members of the College student community to live up to the professional standards of excellence associated with educational communities of similar standing.

The College has adopted the ideal that “No Good Deed Should Go Unnoticed”.  We believe that each and every one of us, Principals, Staff, Parents and Students have an opportunity to engage and interact with each other in a manner that is respectful of the following rights of human dignity:

  • the right of every student to be educated in a safe, happy, orderly and productive environment;
  • the right of each individual to be treated with dignity and to show mutual respect – synonymous with consideration, good manners and caring;
  • the right to the inherent integrity of all associated with the College.  Dishonesty has no place in the College; and that
  • the rights of other people’s bodies, cultures, backgrounds and belongings be positively acknowledged and respected.

To this end, we believe that we should celebrate those actions that seek to uplift our fellow Woodlands Family Members and Community.

Academics, Sport and Cultural all have their place in which every Student’s personal excellence can be achieved and celebrated. The College would like to ensure than Humanity is another area of excellence which we can celebrate throughout the year. As such, we strive to award Students and Staff with an acknowledgement of the Humanity they show.

Students will be awarded Humanitarian Points based on the table below.

Humanitarian Action Points
Courtesy Towards Others – e.g. polite greeting of visitors 5
Kindness Towards Others – e.g. carrying bag for someone who is struggling 5
Generosity In Donation – through SRC and/or Interact 5
Helpfulness 5
Supporting a Sports Fixture – Your Supporters Card should be signed 5
Supporting a Cultural Fixture – Your Supporters Card should be signed 5
Supporting an Outreach Activity – Your Supporters Card should be signed SRC/Interact 5
Improved Term Average by minimum 5% in a subject 5
Improved Term Average by minimum 10% in a subject 10
Going the extra mile 5
Reporting a sensitive situation pertaining to a peer with purpose of assisting that boy or girl 10
Honesty 5
Supporting a College function – e.g. Open Day 5
Reading Award – English 5
Reading Award – Afrikaans 10
Academic Enrichment Activity – self enrichment by the student in any subject 5
Miscellaneous 5
  • Humanitarian Points can be awarded by any staff member
  • A student can nominate, through their Grade Controller in person, to award points to a fellow student
  • A parent can nominate, through the Grade Controller, to award points to a student of the College (not their own)

Humanitarian Awards

At any stage during the year, when a student reaches a certain number of points, they will be rewarded and acknowledged in the following manner.

100 Points – “leave 5 minutes early” break voucher
200 Points – “I get to re-write a test” voucher – best result to count
300 Points –  “pizza” voucher
500 Points – “half-day Friday” voucher
800 Points – “R200” voucher

At the College Honours Evening, the Humanitarian Student of the Year (per Grade) will be awarded a Trophy and Cash Voucher.