Swimming is a new sport at Woodlands International College. In 2016 a decision was taken to reintroduce this important sporting pursuit to the Senior College, with the commencement of our October season constituting just seven swimmers. Whilst indubitably a small team in terms of physical number, our swimmers certainly announced themselves, competing well against some stiff competition, and garnering a selection of very impressive second and third placings in various events.

In 2017, Woodlands hosted the first Inter-House Gala in almost ten years. The number of students willing to try out for various events was extremely encouraging, and we managed to have almost-full teams in all three sporting houses. The day was certainly one of excitement and fun, with the spectators contributing enthusiastically in the stands. The swimmers were not to be outdone, however, and we saw some outstanding performances on the day. Eagles House finished in third place, Falcons finished second, with top honours going to Hawks.

  • Our top swimmers were awarded on the day:
    • Runner-up Victor Ludorum: Dante Montalbano
    • Victor Ludorum 2017: Matthew Ralph
    • Runner-up Victrix Ludorum: shared between Monique Ackerman and Kaylene Waghorn
    • Victrix Ludorum 2017: Daniella van den Brink

League successes in 2017

  • Our swimmers participated in various galas during the season, showing grit and determination. Some very impressive swims were turned in by all, with impressive second and third places secured by various swimmers.