Every second year at Woodlands, our Grade 12 Drama students are afforded the opportunity to showcase their producing and directing talents as part of the House Play Festival. They are required to choose their one act play or adapted script (no longer than 30 minutes), cast their actors and actresses and fully produce and direct their play. All aspects of the theatrical industry are required to be addressed by the students themselves. This includes elements from marketing, set building and lighting design, sound effects, makeup design, prop design and manufacture to the more obvious directing.

These one act plays are staged under the House Banners and, as such, the event is affectionately known as the House Play Festival. Over the years the College has been privileged to have seen some incredible interpretations and unique staging techniques. Some of the plays that have been staged with excellence and aplomb include “Cage Birds”; “Sweeney Todd”; “The Breakfast Club”; and “Rocky Horror” to mention just a few.

The House Play Festival provides our purist theatre lovers with an opportunity to shine in either serious dramatic roles or the equally challenging comic roles.  From an audience perspective, many of the themes addressed in the various plays leave the viewers not only entertained but often challenged emotionally and intellectually.